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Thread: I have a problem with (

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    cadcad Guest

    Default I have a problem with (

    When the virus reaches the opening pages that are supposed safe

    I am connected to a lan

    [Is there a way to stop this virus from reaching the Computer]

    When I click Show this message in the site

    Knowing there are many warnings ARP

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    riceorony Guest

    Default Re: I have a problem with (


    Please purge (clear) all remnants of the IE6/7 and firefox's (any browser you use) surfing history/temporary files/cookies/etc.

    Perform a secondary scan using the following:

    1.) Perform a free online scan by visiting b i (connect all the letters). Make sure to use internet explorer in adminstrator mode (right click IE, select Run As Administator, then enter the www.b i link) and follow the prompts as it continues. This will both scan and remove any detected infections (a very good free antivirus/antispyware scan)
    2.) Download the FREE home version of Superantispyware by visiting (, update, and perform a complete scan of your drive
    3.) Download the FREE version of A-squared FREE 3.5 by visiting (, update and perform a deep scan of your drive.
    4.) Download the FREE version of MalwareBytes by visiting ( and downloading the latest version.
    5.) Update ZA-ISS, physically disconnect your computer from the internet, and reboot into SAFE MODE WITH NETWORKING. Load up ZA-ISS and perform a complete scan.

    The IFrame-troyan is gaining more popularity recently (I had a similar one a few months ago, as well as another gentleman a few weeks back). It comes about because of some infection in a normal site (I was looking at athletic gear, he was looking at benches/stools).

    If the infection is not gone with the above brute force techniques, then i suggest downloading HiJack This! by trend micro and posting your log onto,, or (experts at handling deep-rooted malware)

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