Dear All,
I really hope someone can help. Sorry if this is long and drawn out.
I am increasingly worried about a potential, or actual attack, on my computer by someone whom my partner used to be
acquainted with many years ago. He is a computer whizz, odd and obsessive,
and 8 years ago he managed to hack into our email. This was the final straw. As a result of his increasing behavioural problems we cut off all contact. That was 8 years ago. This year, out of the blue, he has got hold of our address and phone details. We now live 150 miles away. Despite keeping our trail clear he is starting to pester again with letters.
Our computer has been acting strangly this past week. It turns itself on when turned off on multiple occasions day and night. Is this a Trojan Horse?
Can this guy access my computer from 150 miles away? Is this possible and how do
I stop it if it's happening?
I am not fully computer savvy so clear simple explanations please!
have ZASS installed and have just purchased 'Spyware Detector' separately that picked up 452 risk items on first scan! Now quaranteened.
I don't understand why ZASS didn't pick these up?
This is totally freaking us out so all help much much appreciated.
Thank you forum members

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite