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Thread: How to disable password

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    rockerz Guest

    Default How to disable password

    I set up a password so that parental control could not be turned off.
    But the password is asked for every time anything happens. Now I just want to disable it but it is certainly not intuitive or obvious or easy to find in the Help or on the web. Grrr!
    Help please.

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    sunztorm Guest

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    Hello,On the version I have installed on an XP machine (7.0.483), open Zone Alarm control panel, go to Overview and then look for the Preferences tab on the top right hand side of the panel. Click on
    "Set Password" in the password section.When you have a password in place and go to "Set Password" ZA assumes you want to change your password. Simply enter your password and leave the "New Password" and "Confirm Password" fields blank. Press ok. A box pops up to warn you
    about a
    blank password, and asks if you are sure, click YES.
    Now your password has been removed.
    Hope this helps.

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