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    dsps Guest

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    After I installed the new version for my zone alarm security suite I see on the viewer several items that is alarming me.
    Alert Type:
    OS FirewallThe rate is at High, Subtype is a File write, Data is ZLDIR*, Program is C:\windows\explorer.exe, Action Taken Blocked, Policy is Personal Policy.
    The explanation is Windows Explorer was prevented from changing the behavior of Zone Alarm Security Suite by modifying the file:
    I am getting more then 20 of these each time I start up my computer.
    Could someone please explain this?
    Thank You!

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    svasko Guest

    Default Re: Alerts & Logs Viewer

    I would use the "For More Info" button down below that box. It can tell you a great deal.
    Normally Explorer does not need to access the Internet. Mine does at times. If it's a program I know doesn't need access to the Internet I don't allow it.If you go to Program control you will see that program located there. You can X out the area for Trusted, Internet, over into the server area lines and x those out as well. If it stops you from getting on the Internet then you can give access to get on whatever site you want. Its really weird how this works.
    Sometimes it's daunting to figure out.
    You have options also if you click on the program name and right click, choose options, then mark what you want the program to be able to do within your machine.
    There is more than one area in which to keep a program safe or to keep a program from interacting with other programs, etc.

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    dsps Guest

    Default Re: Alerts & Logs Viewer

    Okay, I have X out the the Server "Trusted and Internet"
    but the Alert and Log continues to write the same msg several times.
    I am wondering if this could be a Trojan or Virus
    I have got online to Eset and Windows Security to check this out but Nothing. Zone hasn't even pick up on any of this either.
    I am concern that if I allow it to access the internet that
    my computer could be in
    Now what?

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