I am not sure if I can get any answers.
When trying to access the internet today I got a popup saying I needed to open internet explorer in a different window for security purposes and then it wanted to run a
program (I think the program was ia.exe if I remember correctly)
so I denied it.
Next thing I knew My Computer opened and it showed a security problem with the C: drive and the D: drive and with MyDocuments.
Also in another area it mentioned that there was a severe problem with my hard drive and also that my personal information had been accessed--although there was another popup window over these messages so I couldn't read them completely and I was unable to move the popup so I could read them.
The popup said that my computer had three viruses in it.
I only copied two of them--one was TROJAN.IM.Win32.Faker.a and the other was VIRUS.Win32.Faker.a.
I went to the Zone Alarm site and searched on these viruses and no match was found.
If I clicked on Ignore in the popup window nothing happened and if I clicked on Remove all Viruses a new program wanted to open (I believe it was the same ie.exe) which I denied since I didn't know what it was.
I was finally able to close the popup and the whole page beneath the popup also disappeared.
I called HP Support and she went through my computer and cleaned out some stuff--said she thought that it could be a hardware or software problem and that she did not think my personal information had been accessed.
She said I could do a recovery which would take care of a software problem but not a hardware problem or just wait and see if I had any more problems and call in a do a recovery then.
I opted to wait to see if I had any more problems but am now wondering could I have viruses in my computer and could someone have accessed my personal information even though Zone Alarm didn't find anything or was it false messages to get me to open a potentially harmful program. Has anyone ever had anything similar to this happen?
Any advice would be appreciated.

Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite