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    tracyr Guest

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    I play World of Warcraft. Recently, my WoW accounts were hacked using a game thief keylogger trojan. I was using another security system at the time, so installed Zone Alarm Security Suite immediately. It found the trojan and quarentined it. The person continues to attempt to ping my computer, but Zone Alarm stops it. With Blizzard's help, I was able to get my WoW account back online, but the person hacked my account again. Zone Alarm claims there is no trojan horse, spyware, virus on my computer, so, my next question is, how are they still getting into my account? Does anyone know anything about the game thief trojan and whether my computer really is safe? We already figured out they don't have access to my email accounts. Apparently, the way this trojan horse works is it bypasses my email listed with Blizzard and has password retrievals sent to their email account, even though the Blizzard site doesn't see this happening? Any help would be appreciated.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default World of Warcraft, trojans

    First I don't play Wow, so here is some 'general' info.<hr>Do you have the latest version update 3.0.2? &gt; click here &gt; the newer versions have improved security.<hr>How about Blizzard Authenticator? &gt; sounds like a good investment/ security-wise
    for you.,2817,2322191,00.asp<hr>Did you use a USB flash drive/ pen? &gt;<hr>&gt;<hr>Read thru a couple of these posts and do a search yourself
    &gt;&gt;;q=world+of+warcraft%2C+trojans&am p;btnG=Google+Searchand&gt;;q...=Google+Search<hr><hr>You can use some &quot;on-line&quot; scanners to help clean up your pc. Click here &gt;
    - there is a list of on-line scanners you can use and/or you can use a &quot;specialized malware removal forum&quot; = they have experts to help you there.<hr>Try Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware - free/ paid software - to remove these pests&gt;
    - this is a new recommended anti-malware scanner.

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    tracyr Guest

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    Thank you for the info. Yes, we all have the latest patch in WoW. It won't let us play unless we have the latest version update.
    I ordered the authenticators already. They should be here sometime next week. The tech I've been talking to at Blizzard agreed that the hack on my accounts has been very extreme and vindictive and also agreed he wouldn't be comfortable unlocking my accounts until I'm using the authenticators.
    No, I don't use a usb flash drive or pen.
    I had Kaspersky at the time of the hack, but within an hour, had downloaded and installed full versions of ZoneAlarm Security Suite, which caught the trojan on my pc. I've downloaded and keep running SpyBot and have accessed several other trojan scanners to make sure all of my computers are safe. They all claim
    they are.
    So, I'm guessing the computers are safe, but my WoW accounts aren't until I recieve the authenticators, because even without the trojan being active, the hacker has the access he needs, regardless of my security now.

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