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Thread: Wow, Zone Alarm fails miserably on true leak tests.

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    Cool Wow, Zone Alarm fails miserably on true leak tests.

    Just for curiosity I tried this leak test suit which has 34 different leak tests in one package.

    And wow... Zone Alarm might just be better used as a doorstop. My overall score was 40/340 and only passed four of the tests, the rest were vulnerable. I didn't even get asked once to allow or deny anything that was going on. The test literally just had it way with my computer.

    And I also set to block everything from the leak test suite in the ZA programs list, and my firewall is set to its highest security on both trusted, and internet zones. Also my program controls are set to the highest for the free version (which is Medium).

    Just wow... basically this tells me if I get a malicious program on my computer, it will be able to do whatever it wants without even being detected by ZA. What is this firewall good for if it doesn't even pass a few real leak tests? (it passed the GRC one, but that one is extremely simple).

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    Default Re: Wow, Zone Alarm fails miserably on true leak tests.

    Hi!yes, depending where you are looking you get different results... for example at you get different scoring.And test are test... the important thing is how it protects you on real malware and not test. And most of all... once a malware is installed on your system its already too late... btw, if you enable all advance firewall controls you will get better results... around 100 points more..What would you expect from a test developed by a firewall company?Obviously it should demostrate it is better than most of the competition. ZA is safe and solid firewall... if you prefer leak proof firewalls than better to move away from it.Cheers,Fax

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