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Thread: Question regarding security of previous ZASS versions

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    zacat Guest

    Default Question regarding security of previous ZASS versions

    trying to use version 8.0.059 unsuccessfully (following several clean uninstall and reinstallations), I have reverted back to using versions 7.1.254 and 7.0.483 on my Vista and XP computers respectively.
    Since reverting back to the previous versions, I have not experienced ANY of the problems I did with the latest version.
    These problems ranged from extremely long shutdowns to lock-ups when using remote desktop (on both the client and host machines that were using ZASS 8.0.059).
    My question is this.......are there any security issues with using the previous versions as long as the anti-virus and anti-spyware definitions/engines are up-to-date?
    Thank you.

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: Question regarding security of previous ZASS versions

    Most unlikely, speaking from experience only back to version 5.
    Impossible? - no. Hackers are faster & smarter than anybody and haven't been locked up in jail yet Just keep your updates current. ZA is usually just fine on top of all this. Get a browser other than IE and you'll be even safer.

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