I looked through the forum here and did not see a direct hit on this. Sorry if missed it, normally never have to post something new here.

Full ZA alert info

ZoneAlarm Security Alert
Suspicious Behavior
Windows Explorer is trying to change the desktop background. the new background may contain a Web page with executable code.

Sorry, I forgot to hit the View Properties on the alert but SmartDefense Advisor said it did not have info available for this alert type anyways.

Ran **bleep** 2008 with updated def's and also Spybot. Neither showed anything odd. Also had just run System Mechanic to clean up registry.

I of course denied the request, but wondering what is up.

Has anyone else seen this exact ALERT?

I know the desktop can get swapped by malware, so asking if anyone saw ZA catch it before and if I should dig deeper before forgetting about it.


p.s. ZA user since 1998 and except for the occasional ZA upgrade glitch have never felt Nortoned or McGaffed.

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro