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    harrishawk Guest

    Default Access attempts

    Hi out there,
    I noticed that the counter telling me how many attempts to access my computer ZA has warded off is at times going up by the second. Is there any way to reset it, or is the number one day going to be so long it's going to fill my whole screen?
    P.S. Oh, and a very merry (and secure) Christmas to you all.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    findley Guest

    Default Re: Access attempts

    Hi Harrishawk,
    Sorry to see you didn't get answer to your question sooner. In the latest version of ZAISS, which I'm running indeed you can reset the counters; unfortunately in earlier versions that was not the case.
    Hope this helps youRegards,Findley
    P.S. Hope you enjoyed the holidays, new year and are surfing safely and securely

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    harrishawk Guest

    Default Re: Access attempts

    Hey Findley,
    thanks. I'll just continue hoping, then, that my cpu isn't going to ex- or implode one day when the number grows too long, you know how skittish girls can get when it comes to tech stuff (at least I do, at times) And yes, I DID enjoy the holidays, and the new year is fine so far, too.
    Have a nice one!
    Securely yours,

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    findley Guest

    Default Re: Access attempts


    You're welcome! My guess, on the counters for access attempts, is that the counter field is programmed to except some number of digits and when that number is reached the counters via the program are reset to zero - at least that's a programming possibility - don't have any inside information just guessing that when the field reaches it's capacity, or you upgrade to the latest ZAISS version, then the counters will reset. The counters though are useless in my opinion - lots of noise generated by zone alarm doing its job of blocking *and that's a good thing!* - but the counters do not provide much useful information. Will your cpu explode or implode - No! Just keep running ZAISS, do regular scans in ZAISS, don't panic and when you encounter something - post a question - the people on this forum volunteer their time and talent and provide a wealth of information. I learn something new everyday reading posts on this forum and when in doubt do a search in google - so much information out there to help us all!

    Stay safe and secure!

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    harrishawk Guest

    Default Re: Access attempts

    Darn...must have hit the submit button without meaning to. Anyway, hey Findley,
    you've been very helpful with all that background information. I really do like ZAISS and this forum with all its helpful members. Not sure though if I'll upgrade any time soon. I guess I'll just try to read up on the newer versions' features in the forum to see if they really have anything on the 7.something version I'm running (apart for the counter reset function, I mean; that alone wouldn't make me switch.) Just curious. I suppose I could read up on it on the ZA site but for me users' viewpoints are usually more reliable and objective than sales pitches. Well, I seem to be getting sidetracked here...
    Safe surfing to you too,

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    findley Guest

    Default Re: Access attempts

    If the version you are using works for you then stay with it.
    As you'll find as you read this forum there are quite a few users here using different versions.
    "If it ain't broke don't fix it!"Here is a link to Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite Release History
    You can click on the latest version and see the changes that have been made.

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