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    fisherking Guest

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    My son (he tells me) "may have accidentally" clicked on the "Flash Player needs updating" that the KoobFace virus exploits. If my ZoneAlarm Security Suite was running then, would I have been protected and have nothing to worry about? What would have been the error message if this were so? Should I run a deep scan? Will it detect the changes to my system if in fact it is infected? Thanks.

    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Basic
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    naivemelody Guest

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    Click here >
    &lt; { if you can actually click onto this link, you probably don't have it - self-serving affirmation}If you wish you may deep scan virus/ spyware. In the first link above there are 'clues/ files/ symptoms' of this 'malware' you can check for on your pc.<hr>Kaspesky anti-virus (used in your ZA Suite) is pretty good at detecting and writing 'virus signatures' for &quot;new virus/ owrms, trojans, new unknowns, etc.&quot;Click here &gt; <a target="_blank" href="
    More</a><hr>More info &gt;<hr>If your using ZoneAlarm ForceField or ZoneAlarm Extreme Security - you will be protected -click here &gt; <hr>fisherking, Important - it may be a good idea to tell everyone in your family, relatives, associates - that whenever they are told to &quot;update a flash player/ media player&quot; in order to view a 'relatively' non essential while in a &quot;social net-working site, you-tube, any
    media video&quot;- that they should use caution - not update right then and there; and instead stop and go directly to 'adobe' (or whatever) to update direct - the flash player.
    Adobe will be updating their flash player - click here &gt;
    &lt; please read adobe's advisories, (you may need to use their un-installer of your current adobe flash player, before installing the new 'security patched version')

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