There used to be a message saying that a critical update of ZA Security is available for a problem with the MS-update KB951748 (leading on XP/2000 to loss of internet-connection in some cases). This seemed later to have become obsolete on my PCs. Now on another PC having WinXP home with SP1 (but without SP2 / SP3 for the moment, but this might change soon because Adobe Reader 9 pretends to need [one of?] these SP's) the message concerning KB951748 appears again, inviting to get a new version - but there seems to be only ZA 8 available now (which requires SP3). By the way, I never saw KB951748 in the list of MS-updates installed on a PC (using the software module in Windows configuration panel - I don't know the exact english equivalent to German "Einstellungen -> Systemsteuerung" - this is contained in the start menu). So the question is, is the problem in the subject still a security problem? Also, the message speaks about "ZA Security", but the PC has only the 'subset' "Zone Alarm Antivirus" - does this make a difference? Exact version that is installed now: ZA 7.0.337.000

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Antivirus