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Thread: Anyone recognise this e-mail sender?

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    webdaddy Guest

    Default Anyone recognise this e-mail sender?

    Is anyone here familiar with an outfit called If so, are they trustworthy?
    I've just received an e-mail claiming it's from the Zone Alarm User Forum. Although I'm a longtime user of Zone Alarm Free, I'm not currently expecting anything from the Forum (except now from this, of course). I've not opened the e-mail.
    Its heading is "Community Mailer", "Zone Alarm User Forum Subscription", " 1 New Message". I've determined that this e-mail comes from a bulk e-mailer from
    Is this possibly a virus-laden message, or is it a harmless invitation for me to buy a full ZA product?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:6.1
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Community Mailer/

    Yes, it's real. There have been email and update offers around 3-31> 4-1 due to the 'conficker virus' media attention and ZA has offered a upgrade to renewal offers (promotions)
    - look at the ZA Installation, Uninstall and Upgrade board there is much activity due to this upgrade/ offer.<hr>Choices: if you are &quot;deeply concerned
    of the conficker virus&quot; you may choose to upgrade.Click here &gt;<hr>Click here &gt;
    &lt; I have listed some articles on the subject matter; where you can check your pc for possible infection.<hr>webdaddy, please look at the bottom of these pages here. Do you see this lower right &gt; &quot;
    powered by
    Lithium &quot;

    &lt;&gt; they are the web company 'processing' this forum.

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    webdaddy Guest

    Default Re: Community Mailer/

    Many thanks indeed for your reply, NaiveMelody. I'm actually getting the same e-mail on successive days now.
    Thanks in particular for those links to discussions/articles. I have been aware of the Conficker virus and wherever possible on my system have ensured I've got protection against it, though my version of ZA possibly lacks a little in that area.
    Before placing my posting, I did have a quick search through certain of the forums for any evidence of an update/upgrade offer but didn't see anything. Also, I looked for logos on the website but failed to spot the Lithium one tucked away at bottom-right of screen. It's always the way, isn't it?
    Anyway, I'm indebted to you. Thanks once again.

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