Hello Up until recently, I did not have a problem accessing the internet when the Internet Zone Security within Zone Alarm Firewall is set to High. I changed ISP and from then I found I can only access the internet when I set it to Medium. When I change from Medium to High, I immediately see that internet is blocked (for example in an MP game, or files downloading), and when switching back to Medium, then the internet immediately returns and the MP game is responsive again. The things that changed are: I now use a dialer, also the cmmon32.exe is related and being used (I think its some service) I now use a modem, when before I had a router with modem built in (even though I only use one computer) I now use Cable and before I used ADSL, for internet access. The XP OS Firewall is off. I have the latest updates and latest version of ZA. ZA detects the IP range (IP/ or (IP/ for the Gigabit PCI adapter network card) It also automatically added Loopback filter on intital ZA install. I now use the onboard ethernet port, might switch to the PCI one later, I doubt that is the reason. I assume I need to change some setting, and would appreciate the help. Thank you.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite