I have been using one form of ZA or another for a number of years now. I updated to ZAP on April 3, 2009 and for the first 2 weeks had no problems. About 4 days ago I started getting messages that the True Vector Service had shut down, but without any other information. There did not seem to be any consistency to when it shut down and I was on different web pages for each crash.

I automatically rebooted the system and had no more problems for a few hours and then it would shut down all over again. I was always on the internet when it shut down but not on the same or similar web pages. I also immediately ran an online scanner to see if I'd been the victim of a drive-by, without results. I also checked the ZAP GUI for the programs that were being allowed full internet and server access and the web pages that had been given full access without finding anything different. At that time I don't remember whether I checked the "Alerts & Logs". I did however check Admin>Services and it indicated that the True Vector Service was "starting" after each crash.

Yesterday after running 3 different Online Scanners and getting "no malware present" I checked every setting in the ZAP GUI and found that when I clicked on "Alerts and Logs" the ZAP GUI immediately crashed and is still doing it every time I click on "Alerts & Logs".
I investigated a little farther with Process Explorer and find that each time ZAP crashes, the ZLClient.exe is shutting down but the True Vector Service is not. I have not received the error that the True Vector Service is shutting down at all today.

The only thing that has happened since this started was I was answering a survey online and the file "WebInt.dll" tried to download but I cancelled the request to download. I cannot find it on my system anywhere, but wonder if it infiltrated anyway, though I've searched and looked for it without success. I have no idea what the file contained but I don't accept any downloads unless I initiate them, and this site should not have been attempting to download anything as far as I know.

I assume my computer is infected, but haven't a clue how to find whatever it is. I have also tested for 'conflicker' without results. I really hesitate to format my system because I haven't backed up recently, but this may be the only answer.
If anyone has any ideas about this, please give me any suggestions you have....

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro