Gee I wish Id seen this article ages ago this should be one of the first posts a person should read !!!
My God If you click on my user name and see all the issues ive had and this is just one of them
I hoping like all **bleep** that this is the grand solution to all my problems!!!
From now on if a user asks you why does my internet keep disconnecting making it hard to download anything?
and making all download files incomplete rather than corrupt.
Please people lead the poor bugger straight to this post!!!
I had one i repeat one listing in the zone and it was the adapter and thats it!!!
Im crossing my everything and praying that this is my big fix!!!
Otherwise... stay tuned
and xpect to here more from me if i keep having issues!!!
and **bleep** it all why didnt zonealarm add all that **bleep** itself
what are we meant to be computer programmers or something???
So zonealarm has blocked itself from updating basically
really need to look into all of this **bleep** people!!!
I mean farrr oouuuuttt