I've been having trouble with getting my IMs, P2Ps and IE8 to connect on my PC.
I figured it might be a port issue, so
bought BVRP Connection Manager Pro to check the connections.
As soon as it started up, it immediately stated it could not find a firewall installed.
My ZAS was up and running, of course.
I didn't panic, figured it was just looking for the MS Firewall.
Turned that on, restarted BVRP.
It doesn't see that one, either.
So, I completely blocked BVRP's access thru ZAS (NomadSvr.exe).
It still ran perfectly and still couldn't find a firewall.
I'm going to run every hacker software I can find to see if something has found a way to disable/bypass my firewalls and yet not be detected as having done so.
Meantime, if anyone has an idea what's going on, I would love to hear it.
Thanks in advance!

4 Hrs. Later:

Since the system also would not allow
installation of
MS SP3, I decided to delete ZAS and install AVG to see if the same problems exist.
Turns out, something had to have compromised my ZAS 'cause AVG is allowing things to connect as I dictate, all perfect.
I still love my ZAS since it was the first PC defense system I actually understood and trusted.
Hopefully, you guys will assist me in figuring out what is wrong with it so I can go back to it.

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