Starting skype displays the skype icon in the top RH corner of ZASS 7 display panel.
Problem: When connecting to the internet, a "sharing hand" symbol is added to the icon.
I read that this is due to skype having to run as a server.
( )After having had a security breach requiring a system rebuild I did experiments:Even after disabling skype as server in program control (2 red crosses) the sharing hand is still there.Because this also happens to a server disabled Firefox I am concerned that there is a security issue which "shares" processes on my computer. FYI anything to do with sharing is disabled. The only share I found is the IPC$ which I cannot disable somehow. The router has VPN disabled.
I don't like sharing hands if I don't know what they are doing witout my permission, so:What must I do to find the cause of this sharing hand in order to fix the potential security issue?Thanks!Windows XP SP2
ZA 7.0.483

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite