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Thread: Why do I always lose my wireless connection?

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    mtwain Guest

    Default Why do I always lose my wireless connection?

    I'm just an ordinary user with no tech knowledge. Just internet, email, word processing. Recently I got a virus, spyware, adware infection and bought ZA Security Suite 6.5.7.

    Why do I always lose my wireless connection? I had the same prob with the free edition but was told that the bugs were worked out in the later paid edition. That's why I bought ZA Security Suite. I've gone through everything that I can think of and anything having to do with my browsers or internet connections I checked allow, trusted, super-duper access. All to no avail.

    Imagine spending an hour on an email then losing your connection and losing everything you just wrote? Or downloading something that takes 2 hours but losing it an hour in. Or trying to schedule something to run overnight but having it fail because of lost connection.

    Windows repair won't bring back my connection. Disabling and re-enabling won't do it. Only a restart.

    This seems like a great hardcore product but maybe not for beginners. If I had know there was a whole message board created just to discuss a single product I might have reconsidered. Who has time for that? But before I dump it and warn the world maybe I can get some advice so I don't feel I wasted 60 bucks.

    I use Linksys Wireless-G and a Toshiba A105 series running XP Home Edition. My default browser is Opera but also have FireFox running at the same time.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    corkyg Guest

    Default Re: Why do I always lose my wireless connection?

    Having a little trouble understanding the problem. Why would you lose anything you wrote in email if you lose the wireless connection? If that is the case, then you have a hardware problem somewhere in your system. So - let's start at the Internet access. Is it cable or DSL? Is the modem that is connect to your Internet source then connected to the Linksys wireless router? How far away is it from your computer and its wireless receiver? Normally, when you lose a wireless link, it is because the signal was weak. In any case, I can't see where Zone Alarm has anything to do with the problem you describe. Does your wireless router have Cat5 cable ports as well?

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    mtwain Guest

    Default Re: Why do I always lose my wireless connection?

    The reason I lose me email when my connection drops is because when I try to send it won't let me. It says I am no longer connected. The only way I have found to restore my connection is by doing a restart which causes me to lose the email I just wrote.

    I have Verizon DSL. The Linksys box plugs into the modem box provided by Verizon.

    As I look at my unobstructed view of my Linksys router I would guess that I am about 7 maybe 7.5 feet away give or take an inch.

    I don't know what a Cat5 cable port is but my Linksys is a wireless-G model WRT54G.

    Also, I failed to mention that I have this same problem of losing my connection when I plug in my router directly to my notebook via ethernet cable.

    I suspect it's ZA because I didn't have this problem before and the problem is gone when I disable ZA. I can duplicate the problem at will because all I have to do is go into power saving/stand by mode. With ZA disabled I get everything back as I left it with all connections intact after coming back from stand by. With ZA enabled I get everything back exept I lose my internet connection (both wireless and when connected directly to the router via ethernet). When I click on FireFox or Opera it tells me I'm not connected. I can't enable it by disabling/enabling my connection or doing a Windows repair. I have to restart or shutdown then everything comes back fine.

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    corkyg Guest

    Default Re: Why do I always lose my wireless connection?

    OK - there is no reason to lose you email when you restart. Ever hear of SAVE? Yes, it saves your mail and automatically puts in the DRAFT box. When you restart, just open it up.

    OK - put that aside. Open your ZA control panel and make it look like this for email:

    That is a part of ZA I never use. That should get ZA completely out of the loop on your email.

    The other thing you need to do is review your Internet Options in Control Panel.

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    mtwain Guest

    Default Re: Why do I always lose my wireless connection?

    No, I've never heard of SAVE. That's probably because I've never had to use it in over a decade of email use. Until, of course, I got ZA. I guess I could review my internet options. Or, after reviewing the help page, I could try to figure out what identifying and allowing heartbeat messages are. Or learn how to configure to allow pings. Or I could also disable the email protection. But since the email problems I have is just one symptom of the main problem of losing my internet connection when my computer goes into stand by mode perhaps I should just do what I know, because it has, worked -- disable ZA altogether!

    What gets me was I was told that the problem was with the free version but if I just shelled out the $60 for ZA Security Suite 6.5.722 that problem has been addressed and fixed. I feel like such a naive **bleep**er. Live and learn.

    If I had done just a cursory check on the product I would have discovered that "support" is just a download of the user manual. "Instant Support" is some inane process where some program is trying to figure out what you're asking. Then the real kicker, having to pay $3.00/minute to speak to an actual person. If the product was user friendly those guys should be snoozing but the fact that they charge tells me how bad it is.

    My feeling is that this is a great and very sophisticated product but not for the average user. I mean, a whole message board devoted to a security program? I don't know many people who have the time and desire to be discussing a product that should just run behind the scenes and forgotten about.

    It's my fault for being so sloppy that I got infected with a virus. I forgot about renewing my McAfee so I was completely unprotected. Instead of shelling out the $60 for a product I won't use I should have just listened to my friend and downloaded AVG, Spybot, AdAware, Windows Defender and all the other FREE software that will work just fine. I guess I felt that to get the real thing you have to pay. Plus, I learned that the first line of defense is the user and you won't have major problems if you're just careful. Spybot and AdAware will take care of the annoyances.

    You got me, ZA. Congratulations. But I'm going on all the download sites and warn others. If I can only save just one person.... It's a great product if you like to tinker, be on boards to talk about products, pay to talk to someone and know what you're doing but if you're just an average user stay away. If only I had read this post before buying this product:

    Re: question re Zone Alarm and WRT54G admin page display problem Options Options
    eakinm2 Newbie Registered: 07-24-2006 eakinm2
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    The new version of ZASS - 6.5.xxxx is a disaster. Go to the ZA forum and look under install/uninstall for a posting by SlyFox - 15 step removal. It works like a charm when nothing else does. I put 6.1.xxxx back on and it is working fine.

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    corkyg Guest

    Default Re: Why do I always lose my wireless connection?

    OK - I can appreciate your situation. SAVE in Outlook Exporess is something I use daily - I start an email in the morning, save it - then continue in the evening - save it - and send it in the early morning. Sort of a routine.

    I have used ZA since version 1. Have never had a problem with it - but - I only use the Firewall part. Everything else is disabled. My first AV and anti-spyware defense is my ISP. They screen all email with McAfee - and use Roaring Penguins "Can-It" for spam blocking. They are very effective.

    My second line of defense is Mailwasher Pro. That lets me see all the mail in my POP3 box, and I can delete anything I don't want. It lets me create blacklists and white lists. Blacklisted stuff gets bounced back to the sender. Fun!

    And then comes my 3rd line of defense . . . Zone Alarm Pro 6.5.722; McAfee Viruscan 10; and Windows Defender. That's all I need at this level.

    So, all I can suggest is that you disable all security things you don't need. Good luck!

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