I'm just an ordinary user with no tech knowledge. Just internet, email, word processing. Recently I got a virus, spyware, adware infection and bought ZA Security Suite 6.5.7.

Why do I always lose my wireless connection? I had the same prob with the free edition but was told that the bugs were worked out in the later paid edition. That's why I bought ZA Security Suite. I've gone through everything that I can think of and anything having to do with my browsers or internet connections I checked allow, trusted, super-duper access. All to no avail.

Imagine spending an hour on an email then losing your connection and losing everything you just wrote? Or downloading something that takes 2 hours but losing it an hour in. Or trying to schedule something to run overnight but having it fail because of lost connection.

Windows repair won't bring back my connection. Disabling and re-enabling won't do it. Only a restart.

This seems like a great hardcore product but maybe not for beginners. If I had know there was a whole message board created just to discuss a single product I might have reconsidered. Who has time for that? But before I dump it and warn the world maybe I can get some advice so I don't feel I wasted 60 bucks.

I use Linksys Wireless-G and a Toshiba A105 series running XP Home Edition. My default browser is Opera but also have FireFox running at the same time.

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:6.5