I recently tried to install a Wireless link between my WinXP+SP2 PC and
a WLAN dsl/cable router connected to my cable modem. To do so, I installed
a USB adapter on my PC, and in a 1st step configured my LAN using the Windows
basic utilities as explained in my wifi manufactory manuals. In a 2nd step
I had to configure my router firmware. The procedure looks to have completed
normaly, and I can access Internet using the wifi connection apparently as usual,
except that when I reboot my PC I always receive the ZA following alerts :
(sorry, I have french version installed ...)

- Protected (orange color)
le pare-feu a bloqu l'acc s Internet vers time.nist.gov []
(UDP port 123) depuis votre ordinateur

- Protected (orange color)
le pare-feu a bloqu les trafics achemin s depuis vers
(TCP Port 1067) (Indicateur TCP:AP)
(this one not always, seems to depend on the network local area interface status)

After that, I am able to access Internet, Outlook, etc apparently as normal,
as long as I am working with administrator priviledges. This is not the case
for my other familly members : the wifi icons in the system tray are
telling that the link is broken, and Internet access is not possible ...

Here are some of my ipconfig /all info on my PC looks like, after my network
conguration :

Ethernet Connexion au r seau local:
DHCP activ : oui
adresse IP :
masque de sous-r seau :
passerelles par d faut :

Ethernet Connexion r seau sans fil :
DHCP activ : oui
configuration automatique activ e : oui
adresse IP :
masque de sous-r seau :
passerelle par d faut :
serveur DHCP :
serveur DNS :
Bail obtenu : current date
Bail expirant : current date + 2 days

In the ZA alarm areas, I have the PC adapter and the router both
in the secure zones :

adapter : s curis
router : s curis

The router was accessed for conguration throught Firefox entering the address
in my Firefox browser :

I also notice that my network address as seen from the outside is not the same as usual.
Don't exactly understand why.

Of course, I may continue to work with admin priviledge rights, but this is not recommanded !
And I would like to allow my familly members to access Internet without these !

Are my network/ZA settings correct ? How can I fix all of this ?

I am not a network expert, so thanks in advance for any help !

Material info :
Windows XP Pro + SP2 (regularly updated)
ZA free 7.0.337.000
Avast free 4.7

Siemens GigasetSE551 dsl/cable router