Hello all,
I don't really know if this a Zone Alarm Pro Problem or not, but here goes. I just bought a new computer and hooked it into my network. My network is two computers connected to an older LinkSys router (no wireless). The router came with Zone Alarm gateway security built-in. The old computer has good internet access and no problems with connections. I installed Zone Alarm Pro on the new computer and it detected the router okay. To get internet access, I had to turn off "Enforce Zone Alarm Security" in the router security section. I also had to make the detected network "internet" to get access. Internet access if good from the new computer. However, I can see the old computer from the new computer, but cannot access anything on the old computer.

Here is where the problems started. I have a number of files on the old computer that I need to access from the new computer -- files I moved to the old computer when my wife's computer died. On the old computer, when I right-click on a folder there is no "sharing" listed in the context menu. I went to Microsoft's Help and their website and followed various suggestions regarding enabling file and folder sharing... turned on file and printer sharing through network connections setup. I still do not have "sharing" in the context menus and no access from the new computer. I do notice that when I turn on file and printer sharing, Windows Firewall turns on. Still no sharing though. I also notice that if I reboot the old computer then go back into network connections setup, it is turned off again. I have tried turning off the Windows Firewall, turning on the Windows Firewall, turning on file sharing through network connections setup. With all configurations, I do have file or folder sharing, and everytime I reboot, Windows firewall turns itself on and file/folder sharing switches itself to off.

Both computers are running Windows XP Pro SP2. On the new computer, I am logged on as administrator. On the old computer, I am logged on as a user that has all administrative rights.

If you need more details, I'll be happy to provide them.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro