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Thread: school software won't work with ZAP

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    mikezonealarm Guest

    Default school software won't work with ZAP

    I have some school reading and math programs that just will not function with ZAP running.
    The manufacturer states that their software does not at any time access the internet, and that sometimes a firewall can keep the programs from running.
    They also say which parts of the programs cause the interference, and I do see them become active in ZAP when I run the software (the green dots appear).

    To hopefully "open things up", I gave both of them the 3 green bars, and green checkmarks for everything, but that didn't work.
    When ZAP is shut down, the programs work fine, when ZAP is running, even with all permissions opened up, the programs fail to run past a certain screen.
    Is there somewhere else in ZAP I can go to allow these to run?
    Do I really
    have to shut down ZAP to run them (and leave my internet connection by cable modem unguarded)?
    Thank you,Mike

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: school software won't work with ZAP

    Dear mikezonealarm:

    Please check the Privacy panel, Main tab, and click the Custom button for the Mobile Code Control. Uncheck all 4 checkboxes here and click OK. If this works, start checking the first 3 one by one, to see which one was causing this. Leave the last one unchecked. That one will block downloads if you have it checked.

    Please post your results.


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    mikezonealarm Guest

    Default Re: school software won't work with ZAP

    Thanks, but mobile code control is off, so none of those boxes were checked when I went there.
    I appreciate the help, though.

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: school software won't work with ZAP

    Dear mikezonealarm:

    Can you tell me what the manufacturer said were the parts that would cause problems with the firewall? I thought this might have been a scriping issue but you stated ZAPRO was not blocking scripts. I've used simulator programs for school but ZAPRO never blocked any of them. They had login screens for authentication and didn't require Internet access either. Can you elaborate on what exactly happens when you try to run these programs?



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    mikezonealarm Guest

    Default Re: school software won't work with ZAP

    Sure, thanks for the help and I will try my best to help you help me!

    When I click Play in the game,
    I get a "session timeout error" and a screen that says I need to login.
    For the FAQ's on that they say:

    "Why this happens: The software was programmed using a
    web browser called Mozilla that runs locally. This provides the user interface (UI) for the software. When a firewall sees that a web browser is starting, it may stop the session or assume that it is connecting to the Internet. If you stop it, the software will not open.
    Note: Our software NEVER, EVER accesses the Internet. It is perfectly safe to enable it in your firewall settings.&quot;

    They then say (which I've done):<blockquote>


    Go to your Security Control or Settings information in your firewall program.


    Look for the Launch Anywhere GUI.


    Allow it to run.


    Try the software again. You may need to restart the computer.</blockquote>

    ... and this does not work.
    When I click Play on the game, I can see this GUI listing come active in ZAP, and I set everything about it to full green access.

    That's what happens.
    Does that give you enough inof?


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    prof_fate Guest

    Default Re: school software won't work with ZAP

    I don't know if this will help, but Both ZAP and ZASS have a &quot;GAME MODE"Right Click on the ZA Tray Icon, Click Game Mode, the Click &quot;Answer all Alerts with Allow&quot;
    Please Post Back if this works..

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