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Thread: Does adding a Hosts file conflict with ZASS 7?

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    findley Guest

    Default Does adding a Hosts file conflict with ZASS 7?

    I'm looking for advice/guidance on adding a Hosts file if it doesn't conflict with ZASS 7
    If you can point me to a how-to or tutorial that would be great.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: Does adding a Hosts file conflict with ZASS 7?

    Dear Findley:

    There is a HOSTS file already on your system. It is located in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc. Open it using Notepad and you will see a single entry: localhost

    You can add to this any website you want to block or add static IP addresses for specific websites to avoid DNS lookups. It makes the Internet faster when viewing specific websites listed here but the downside is that if the IP address for the website changes, and they do, you won't be able to connect to that site. Check first your ZAISS settings. Click Firewall panel, Main tab, then click the Advanced button. In the Advanced Settings dialog box, uncheck, Lock hosts file, then OK, before proceeding. This allows you to edit the HOSTS file and save the changes. Be sure afterwards that you check this feature again to prevent others from editing this file. Also, some antispyware utilities by default will alert/block you when trying to change this file so be sure to allow it. The syntax for adding websites is:

    IP Address Hostname(URL) Alias

    To block a website, try this example: Block Test

    Save the file with the change. You will no longer be able to connect to Yahoo any more. That's because your browser looks to the HOSTS file first before going to a DNS server that most ISPs provide. Remove the entry, save the file, and you will have access again.

    To add a static IP address for a website, which is not recommended unless you use a small number of websites regularly and want faster speed in connecting to them,
    click Start, Run, type CMD, then click OK. In the DOS window that appears, type:


    and the following IP address will display for Yahoo:

    which you can now use for faster access to this website by typing the following in the HOSTS file: Static IP Entry

    Note, you do not need to use an Alias which is usually a short explanation as to why you are adding this entry. Also, I use 3 spaces between IP Address, Hostname, and Alias but you can use more but be sure all 3 fields are on the same line. In addition, there are websites out there that post a list of bad websites for use in a HOSTS file. You can download these lists and copy and paste them into your HOSTS file for content filtering. The school that I attended did this. However, the downside to this is that if kids learn about this file, and look at the websites listed there, they now have a list of some of the worst pornographic and malicious websites out there and can delete the entry(ies) to view them. You only need look at the names of some of these websites to know they are bad.

    Hope this helps.


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    findley Guest

    Default Re: Does adding a Hosts file conflict with ZASS 7?

    Wow - it sure does help and I appreciate the time you took to put together all the ins and outs.Thank you!:8}

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