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Thread: 0x800ccc0f configuration query

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    elduck Guest

    Default 0x800ccc0f configuration query

    my configuration was working just fine and then I installed ZoneAlarm Security Suite version 7.0.0362.000 (previously McAfee was installed on this machine - it has been completely removed).
    Immediately I hit problems with Outlook 2003 getting 0x800ccc0f errors on receiving mail. Considerable investigation on the web showed that this regularly happens if your antivirus tool scans mail during mail receive actions. I was hitting it almost continually, having to keep re-trying receive until mail came through.
    I found a useful configuration tip which suggested turning off the mail scanning for antivirus but scanning on use. In that way a virus-infected file may end up in your in-box, but when you try to open the file it will still be found - you are secure therefore.
    Given that Kaspersky Antivirus is now in ZA rather than CA antivirus I followed this through.
    Under Anti-virus/Anti-spyware, advanced options, I selected Virus Management and then E-mail Scanning. In there there is "Enable E-mail Scanning (recommended)" and it is checked - I un-checked it.
    Under E-mail Protection I ensured that "Inbound MailSafe Protection" was turned "on".
    This stopped the error in its tracks.
    I am not 100% certain though that junk mail is being handled fully (despite the option to check e-mail for junk mail being set on).
    Has anyone else tried this combination and if you have - is your mail being handled correctly?
    I'd be interested to know if it is just my junk mail settings that need tweaking or if I am imagining it!!
    (PS. I'm cross posting this in several other threads that are asking how to configure for 0x800ccc0f in case it is of help).

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: 0x800ccc0f configuration query

    elDuck, see -
    click on the two links within.<hr>A good thing to do is send an e-mail to ZA Tech Support - tell them - let them know they have a 'bug' that needs to be fixed - and, yes, your going to have to temporarily shut-off the ZA av - - let them know -<hr>Check in the 'E-mail Protection,Privacy and Web Filtering' board, there are a number of similar posts with the last
    two weeks.
    Thanks for staying
    alert and for posting your 'report.'<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 7-21-07 - Something Kinda Funny
    - The Spice Girls

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    elduck Guest

    Default Re: 0x800ccc0f configuration query

    NaiveMelody, thanks for the posts. It took me ages to look at the forum - the &quot;self help&quot; mechanism didn't get me very far, I got more sense out of reading stuff elsewhere on the web . Once I looked around more closely I see this forum
    has hit after hit on
    my particular issue. Fingers crossed that the lab fixes it soon.
    I did find out why my junk mail didn't appear to be getting scanned. When I installed ZA my boot time shot up from about a minute to up to 5 at times! (After entering my user password I get a blank desktop for several minutes). When the desktop eventually comes up ZA is still starting (the icon is not in the system tray). When *that* has finally appeared and I have started Outlook (I do wait for it to appear first) the ZA Outlook toolbar then also takes a long while to start. Effectively I had started send/receive without the bar being opened so nothing was happening. If I wait for it to appear then junk gets filtered correctly.
    The whole startup and shutdown is crazy now that I've installed ZA.
    Shutdown is also up at around 5 minutes at times. It can be improved by shutting down ZA before I choose to shutdown. I'm not entirely happy about that - after all my wireless connection is still up so I am hackable.
    The shame of it is that I chose ZA because I had read bad things about Norton's 2007 offering and its timing (I was using them on my last machine) and about McAfee's 2007 offering (which came installed on this laptop and with which I am not too impressed. So far ZA is proving to be a very
    machine slowing beast.
    As you suggested I've raised a call with the support team to alert them to this. I hope that they'll be able to speed me up again and stop the receive errors because, right now, I am rather regretting buying the product.
    Thanks for the advice.


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    thebill Guest

    Default Re: 0x800ccc0f configuration query

    Thank you for your advice/fix, I can finally
    check my email. I'm also having the same problem with a very long shutdown time. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. I've been using ZA for at least 5 years and this is the first real problem I've had.

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    mikeym Guest

    Default Re: 0x800ccc0f configuration query

    Thanks for the help. I upgraded to the ZA Suite last night and have had problems with the email since. Thanks for the quick fix.


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    jrmerrill Guest

    Default Re: 0x800ccc0f configuration query

    Aye, thanks to all that have posted their experience with this problem and the required 'temporary' solution.
    I'm a new ZA user also after years of dealing with other products.

    McAfee was making me pull my hair out and I read the same things about Norton's new products that elduck did, so I'm real hesistant to move to that product... for the moment.

    Checkpoint will hopefully take notice and address this asap.
    It's silly and probably unsafe to disable AV scanning for incoming Emails.
    And yes I'll send an Email to techsupport also so they can add my name to the list.

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    alex_mcgregor Guest

    Default Re: 0x800ccc0f configuration query

    Many thanks for your help I also had this problem and it was doing my head in, I knew ZA was causing it but could not figure out how to fix it I did multiple uninstall/installs and still no go. I have been using ZA for years and this is the first time I have had any problems!

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