I've been successfully using Trend Micro's PC-cillin suite for years, but after the current 2007 release got a number of bad reviews, and after a couple of years of having to tolerate occasional BSODs on my laptop due to interactions with the Cisco VPN, I thought I'd try an alternative.
ZA got great reviews and is pretty cheap, compared to what we pay in Europe for Trend Micro, so I bought and downloaded it today.
That seems to have been a mistake, but maybe someone here can help me out.
First, I desperately need a functioning spam filter.
PC-cillin's wasn't perfect, but it caught the vast majority, with very few false positives. Since I've installed the ZA suite, the "anti spam" feature spontaneously went through all my mail archives and claimed to have detected a number of spam messages, but it hasn't detected a single one of the 20 or so that have come in since it was installed, nor, interestingly enough, did it move any of the messages it claims to have detected in my mail folders to the ZA junk mail folder. And this is with spam filtering enabled at its most aggressive setting.
I got a complaint when ZA first came up that
mail filtering wasn't going to work correctly because I don't have automatic download of all messages on my IMAP Sent Items folder, but I don't care about spam filtering on my sent stuff (indeed, I don't need spam filtering in IMAP messages, only on the POP3 stuff from a server I use that has no server-side filtering).
Secondly, ZA seems to be fundamentally incompatible with Cygwin/X, which I use every day to work with a Linux server in my lab.
TightVNC works, but the limited virtual desktop size makes it much less useful than Cygwin/X.
I've googled around, and tried making sure that the Cygwin X server is considered to be a trusted server,
making sure the Linux box is in the trusted zone, and even set up a special rule to allow it to always connect on port 6000 (which is what Cygwin/X uses), but no dice - I get a disconnect every time.
If someone here can give me some advice to resolve one of these problems within the next 24 hours, that would be great.
Otherwise, I'm going to have to consider the money spent on ZoneAlarm to be money flushed down the toilet, and go back to using TrendMicro.
And I'm going to write some nastygrams to CNET and the others who go around hyping this software.

Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite