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Thread: Firewall configuration for Counterstrike

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    viki Guest

    Default Firewall configuration for Counterstrike

    Hi there & i thank you anticipate for your help. I created a CS1.6 server, but it seems my ZoneAlarm Security Suite`s firewall is blocking it, because it can be see in the servers list. Can someone explain me how to set ports and which ones should be open(incoming,outcoming) or what should i set or do in order to have a working server? I dont want be be exposed as well to internet treats. Here are my ZA settings: ZA Security Suite version 7.0.337, Internet Zone Security & Trusted Zone Security both at high level.
    I apologize if i missed questions and answers regarding my problem in this forum.
    Thank you!

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Firewall configuration for Counterstrike

    First Important Question - did you completely un-install/delete the previous firewall? If you had Norton or McAfee - please read this -
    - please use the Tool.<hr>Example - = read thru to the last.<hr>Second Important Item - under most normal circumstances - ZA Firewall Settings is: Internet Zone Security = High // Trusted Zone Security = Medium &lt; viki please change that setting<hr>13. When should I give a program &quot;server rights&quot; and when should I deny a program server rights?

    You may receive some alerts asking you if a certain program should act as a server and be given &quot;server rights&quot;. We recommend that you not give any program server rights unless one of the following is true for you:<ul>[*]You are hosting a Web site on your computer[*]You are sharing files with another person(s)[*]You are playing games that require point-to-point connections with other players across the Internet[/list]

    If any of these situations apply to you, then you should give programs for the activity server rights. If none of the above examples applies to you, it is not recommended that you allow any program to have server rights. Allowing a program to have server rights means that an outside connection can access your computer through that program.

    At any time in the future, you can always change the setting of the program to give it &quot;server rights&quot; by going to Program Control (left-hand column) &gt; select the Programstab &gt; highlight the program you wish to give &quot;server rights&quot; &gt; click on the &quot;X&quot; under &quot;Server&quot; and click &quot;Allow&quot; in the little box that pops up.<hr>Specifically - some of the programs that may need server rights are: some Instant Messaging
    services like 'Skype' , Messenger Live 8.1,Voice-over-Internet, etc. / on-line gaming - XBox live, Playstaion 2-3, RPG PC games, etc.
    / if you listen to or view certain
    -streaming audio/and or video programs - like listening to PC radio(AOL,Napster,etc.) Real Player, QuickTime ,Windows Media Player to listen to music or download and watch video / some Chat rooms / Web meeting...

    One of the great things about ZoneAlarm firewalls, is the precise program control - that a user has - For instance if you play on-line video games - you have those programs with server rights - but when your not playing - you can reduce privileges- RED X server rights, and internet access - which stops any attempts by hackers to get in thru those programs that had previously been granted server rights=easy access.<hr>Also see this -
    - go thru the list of program settings and make sure you are in synch. Make sure all theCounterStrike/Steam programs have three green bars -super trust level
    &gt; Acess - two green checks &gt;Server -
    two green checks

    &gt; Mail - ' ? '. Also check in &quot;Program Control's -'Components' panel for any Steam
    files - needing green checks there.
    Better to use IE 6-7
    instead of firefox for gaming.<hr>If you have any other security softeware - anti-spyware like Webroot Spysweeper or SpywareDoctor with their real-time protection - shields/ guards, etc. you want
    to turn them off. . Is your video card up to snuff?
    For more info on gaming - right click ZA tray icon &gt; see &quot;Help&quot; this is your *ZA User Guide - Please read thru the several different sections on games, also check in Troubleshooting &gt;Third-party software &gt; Games, check game mode, etc.<hr>1 - Please try this, temporarily,
    putting your ZA's Firewall &gt; Main &gt; Internet Zone Security - change from High to &gt; Medium does the trick. &lt;&lt;&lt; remember to turnback up to 'High&quot; after a
    gaming session.
    2 - Sometimes it's temporarily shutting off the anti-virus portion(only) .<hr>3 - Shut off all 'Privacy Protection' on main tab. { just for gaming}
    <hr>4 - All programs with 'Automatic Updates should be shut off or
    change to Manual.
    Remember to return to High/on position after a session of gaming. This is to stop any interruptions while your in the middle of it.<hr>5 - There are &quot;Expert Firewall Rules&quot; and 'Custom Ports, adding' you can configure - see your ^
    User Guide
    . Go to Steam's website and find the recommended ports.<hr>6 - Go to Steam's website , check their forums and FAQS, advisories concerning firewalls (ZA) and anti-virus{Kaspersky av}.;p_topview=1 . If you need need more instructions - use their forums - the folks there are more knowledgeable about how to correctly set-up
    CS/ Steam with (ZA) firewalls.<hr>see - game rendering -<hr>Sidenotes for those who have - &quot;Peer Guardian&quot; - - &quot;PeerGuardian acknowledges that Battlefield 2 and Steam connectivity is blocked. Many users are not aware that PeerGuardian will break game connectivity, and are thus directed to read the manual.&quot;<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 9-16-07 - War - Edwin Starr<hr><hr>The following is from Guru Oldsod...<hr>&quot;Are the port range opened in the router or gateway , or are the ports forwarded in the router?

    Did you give the Steam in the ZA Program list not only trusted and internet access, but also trusted and internet server rights?Please give all these rights to the following:


    Also if there is a specific IP or IP range for the Steam server, please add this to the Zones as Trusted.

    Also open the ZA | Firewall | Main | Advanced button | uncheck the following:
    Block trusted servers
    Block internet servers

    and check the following:

    &quot;This computer is a client of an ICS/NAT gateway running the Zone Alarm...&quot;

    Allow uncommon protocols at high security.

    Now open the ZA | Firewall | Common button for the Internet Security | and make sure the following are allowed:

    Allow multicast/broadcast
    Allow incoming pings
    Allow outgoing pings
    Allow other incoming ICMP
    Allow other outgoing ICMP

    Plus make sure the ports exceptions are entered in the correct field - if using the high security, then make sure the port ranges are allowed in the high security section not the medium security.

    Okay I checked the Steam - the ports needed are described A few more ports are some adjustment maybe needed.

    The usual ports involved are these:

    Steam Client:TCP 27020-27039 UDP 1200,27000-27015

    Steam Server:TCP 27015 UDP 27015,27020

    If a port does get blocked, then the either the Firewall or the Program logs of the Log Viewer will list the blocked event and the port involved, Further adjustments and refinements/improvements can be made from the information of the logs.
    Also setting the Alerts to High is helpful to see the allowed and blocked events in real time.&quot;<hr>

    Thanks to Guru Oldsod

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    viki Guest

    Default Re: Firewall configuration for Counterstrike

    I am more than thankful for your complete answer and im sure that, at least, my ZA management will improve significantly. Thank you for all details and links and for promptitude you posted. All best wishes, yours Viki.

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