I got this message
phpMyAdmin from wamp5 + zonealarm...

import.php: Missing parameter: import_type (FAQ 2.8)

import.php: Missing parameter: format (FAQ 2.8)
I adjusted zonealarm as follows and phpMyAdmin from wamp5 is happy.....

ZoneAlarm/Pricacy/CookieControl.Custom/Cookies/blockSessionCookies -> deselect

ZoneAlarm/Pricacy/CookieControl.Custom/Cookies/blockPersistentCookies -> deselect

ZoneAlarm/Pricacy/CookieControl.Custom/Cookies/disable3rdPartyCookies -> deselect

ZoneAlarm/Pricacy/CookieControl.Custom/Cookies/disableWebBugsCookies -> deselect

ZoneAlarm/Pricacy/CookieControl.Custom/Cookies/removePrivateHeaderInfo -> deselect
-> select OK

(ZoneAlarm/Pricacy/CookieControl.Custom/Cookies/expireCookiesAfter 1
-> select OK)

ZoneAlarm/Pricacy/CookieControl.Custom/AdBlocking/high -> deselect

ZoneAlarm/Pricacy/CookieControl.Custom/AdBlocking/Med -> deselect

ZoneAlarm/Pricacy/CookieControl.Custom/AdBlocking/off -> select

ZoneAlarm/Pricacy/CookieControl.Custom/mobileCodeControl -> off

Can't tell you
the security consequences of doing all this
I've installed the free Microsoft Virtual PC and do everything in there, also make use of that products 'Enable undo disks' then at virtual machine shutdown discard changes.
Also have my windows system on a drive partition which was immediately ghost imaged, then i frequently restore the imaged partition. New products i want keep are installed immdediately after a restored
partition image and the target directory for the new product is
to another second partition, then immediately make a new ghost image that 'knows' about the newly installed product.You can have several ghost images on the go, so you can roll back to wherever if necessary;
could have a brand new win install in less than 10 minutes.