Hello ,i'm using ZoneAlarm Pro 7 , latest version, and i'm pretty happy with it. But, what concerns me, is the advanced settings. I have done a couple of searches on google, and on this forum, however i'm not quite satisfied.
I'm using an SMC router (cable, not wireless), and i have 2 computers on my lan. I would like to know, what settings should i tick/untick , to get the best protection possible. I have my home network on the trusted zone, and sharing files. everything working fine. here's my current settings:

Gateway security: Checked
This computer is not on an ICS: Checked

General Settings:

Block all fragments: Unchecked
Block Trusted servers: Unchecked
Block Interner servers: Unchecked
Enable ARP protection: Checked
Filter Ip traffic over 1394: Checked
Allow VNP protocols: Checked
Allow uncomon protocols: Unchecked
Lock hosts files: Checked
Disable windows firewall: Checked

So, from the options uncheck, which ones i should check? since i'm using a router, i don't know :s
Thanks in advance

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro