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Thread: ZoneAlarm 7 Pro tips

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    Hello ,i'm using ZoneAlarm Pro 7 , latest version, and i'm pretty happy with it. But, what concerns me, is the advanced settings. I have done a couple of searches on google, and on this forum, however i'm not quite satisfied.
    I'm using an SMC router (cable, not wireless), and i have 2 computers on my lan. I would like to know, what settings should i tick/untick , to get the best protection possible. I have my home network on the trusted zone, and sharing files. everything working fine. here's my current settings:

    Gateway security: Checked
    This computer is not on an ICS: Checked

    General Settings:

    Block all fragments: Unchecked
    Block Trusted servers: Unchecked
    Block Interner servers: Unchecked
    Enable ARP protection: Checked
    Filter Ip traffic over 1394: Checked
    Allow VNP protocols: Checked
    Allow uncomon protocols: Unchecked
    Lock hosts files: Checked
    Disable windows firewall: Checked

    So, from the options uncheck, which ones i should check? since i'm using a router, i don't know :s
    Thanks in advance

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    Default Re: ZoneAlarm 7 Pro tips

    Hi!Its absolutely fine like it is... your router will anyway block unsolicited inbound traffic...More important is to keep your router firmware updated (check SMC website for new firware updates) and change yourrouter default password.You may want to slowly digest the ZAPRO user manual that contains a lotof information on how yourZA works and provides also some helpful hints on its main settings and troubleshooting steps.,Fax

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