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Thread: Battlefield 2 configuration

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    hlbales Guest

    Default Battlefield 2 configuration

    I have always had difficulty with BF2 and ZA.
    I was trying different things to see if I could get it to work.
    I placed my pc in the Internet Zone instead of the Trusted Zone.
    I don't share anything with my other PCs in home net so it is not a problem.
    BF2 all versions and EA link work just fine.
    Shields up ( says I am completely stealthed.

    In the trusted zone I could never get it to work right.
    Is there anything wrong with this approach.
    Can some of you that are having problems with connectivity try it let us know if it works.
    Sgt. Magoo

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    lbot Guest

    Default Re: Battlefield 2 configuration

    This is an old post but I have
    other issues with Zone Alarm Internet Security Ste 7 (latest updates) & BF2, plus X-Fi sound card (extreme gamer version).
    Sgt. have you tried to open the TCP or UDP ports in ZA FireWall? Go to FireWall + MAIN tab click on one of two CUSTOM buttons add these ports. Seperate them by commas. It is going to be a long string and it needs to be added for out-going as well in incoming TCP and UDP.
    Here is a list of ports needed for BF2 to run:UDP 27900
    UDP/TCP 29900
    TCP 80
    TCP 4711
    TCP 29901
    UDP 1500-4999
    UDP/TCP 1024-1124
    UDP 28910
    UDP 16567
    UDP 55123-55125

    Hosting a Battlefield 2 Server
    In order to host a Battlefield 2 server, you must have the following ports open in your firewall.

    Server Ports:

    UDP 27900
    UDP/TCP 29900
    TCP 80
    TCP 4711
    UDP 27901
    UDP 1500-4999
    UDP/TCP 1024-1124
    UDP 29900
    UDP/TCP 27900
    UDP 16567
    UDP 55123-55125
    Also under Program Control + PROGRAMS tab, I have gave all of BF2 exe "Trust" levels and "Allow" access. After patch 1.41 EA/DICE added a lot of DLLs. Under Program Control + COMPONENTS tab I recommend giving all BF2 DLLs "ACCESS"you would have to look at the Product Name and File Name at the bottom of the screen to see if file resided in the EA / Battlefield directory.
    Hope that helps.******************************************** ************************************************** **********Now my problem: BF2 locks up. What I have done so far:- I played BF2 without my sound card (Creatvie SoundBlaster X-fi xtreme gamer) but running ZA I.S.S. 7 in Game Mode and BF2 runs fine.
    - I played BF2 with my sound card (Creatvie SoundBlaster X-fi xtreme gamer) but no ZA. I.S.S. and BF2 runs fine with BF2 Audio Setting set to X-Fi
    - removed sound card drivers and installed new drivers, but game still locks up when BF2 Audio setting is set to X-FI AND ZA I.S.S. ver7 running (GAME MODE).
    - BF2 and BF2 Audio Setting: Medium, plus ZA I.S.S. running in GAME MODE runs problem what so ever.********************************************* ************************************************** **********I am thinking there is an issue between ZA I.S.S. ver 7 and x-fi or
    EAX file or driver. Any one else have similar issues.
    My system specs:Windows XP Media Center 2005 (all MS updated installed)AMD Opteron 186 (2.6MHz) running stock2 GB of RAM running stockNForce 4 sli mobo but running one video card (8800GTX) (Asus AN8-32???) (current BIOS)
    My ZA I.S.S. ver 7 specs are current version todate.

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