Hi,I keep seeing the system tray icon which represents:
"ZoneAlarm security software has blocked a communication, but your settings
prevent a full-sized alert from being shown.". (I know I altered
alert setting trying to
lessen the annoyance of the repeated messages about a non-problem. When I browse the alerts,
OS Firewall type, in the log, I see the message
"Cisco Systems VPN Client is trying to replace or set a value in the registry". I have searched this ZA Forums site and see many hits about
Cisco VPN
not working , etc etc. Mine works fine with ZAPro 7.0.408.000 (knock on wood) and Cisco VPN v4.0.2A. This message is logged hundreds of times an hour. I tried turning off OSFirewall protection, no more messages, problem solved. I don't really want to do that, as it neuters the benefit of the firewall, however the overhead of recursive logging of invalid errors is a concern also.
What causes the conflict, or why the error message?
I saw where one of the "gurus"
posted something about
ZAPro and Cisco having a conflict over a common file, or something to that affect? What I'm seeing in the alert log is a registry key conflict, specifically with
I have seen many suggested "solutions" of different variations,
de-install-to-re-install, etc, etc
with some reporting NO change in outcome. Turning off the OSF seems to be an
alternative, but
if I need to resort to
it diminshes the benefit of the firewall.
What's the correct solution?

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro