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Thread: ZASS 7.0.408 memory usage and more.....

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    bimbobo Guest

    Default ZASS 7.0.408 memory usage and more.....

    Hi,I tried again after some months to run the newest ZASS. Normally I stick with ZA Pro and Antivir Free...and I have no issue at all.With the new ZASS I have bad feelings and something bothers me a lot, like it did with my previous attempt with ZASS.
    1) Memory usage after a week, and all programs are now in the list,
    the memory usage is abnormal..huge, disaster.
    Vsmon.exe 70MBZlclient 25BMscanningprocess 8MBscanning process 6MB
    total when not cnanning or else, just idle...109MB
    If I start a scan I have 30-50 MB usage more ... and this should be
    a software in year 2007?

    ZAP 7 only uses less than a half and with antivir I reach 70MB maximum..
    2) when the main scanning is running, the on-demand right click scanning is dead.. greyed out.. What
    kind of security level is this?
    Come on guys, I've been running ZA for more than
    7 years I think..but for you is goind backwards in progress.
    Your software is not a masterpiece, and the day when also ZAP is going that way. I will not support you anymore and leave the sinking ship.
    I hope you can tell me wether there are "fixes" for these 2 issues, but I'm surely desappointed.
    Al my drivers, and updates are up to date in all my software and hardware.

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    bimbobo Guest

    Default Re: ZASS 7.0.408 memory usage and more.....

    ... is it because it's week-end or nobody else has the same "issue" with memory usage and the on demand right-click scan?:8}

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    nighthawkpr Guest

    Default Re: ZASS 7.0.408 memory usage and more.....

    I've read your post. Sorry for not getting back to you as soon as I could but I've been somewhat busy lately.
    Well, regarding your problems with ZASS 7.0.408.000 all I can say is that I'm running the latest BETA of ZASS [ version : 7.0.423.000 ]and I haven't had problems with memory usage during a AV & AS scan on my computer.In fact, as I write these lines, a system scan is being performed by ZASS 7.0.423.000 BETA and I'm monitoring "vsmon.exe." processand the memory usage by this process right now (while performing a scan) is : 37096 K [as seen in the Windows task manager].
    Altough, I have to clarify one thing, and it's about "vsmon.exe" memory usage when I first boot Windows.When booting up Windows, "vsmon.exe" memory usage is approx. 28000 K (28 MB), after a while, itstars increasing to about 34000 K (34 MB) and if I click on the "PRODUCT INFORMATION" tab on the main window of ZASSthe memory usage by "vsmon.exe" goes all the way up to about 70,000 K (70 MB).
    The problem is that once "vsmon.exe" reaches 70 MB it doesn't release the excess of
    RAM used by
    it back to the system.
    Now, while the virus scan is running on my PC [a P4 3.20 GHZ with H/T; 2 GB of RAM and a 100 GB 7200 RPM HD] the memory usage by some components of ZASS are :
    37,096 K
    [ ~ 37MB ][*]&quot;zlclient.exe&quot;
    = 3344 K

    [~ 3MB ][*]&quot;ScanningProcess&quot;
    52,712 K [ ~ 52MB ][*]&quot;mantispm.exe&quot;
    = 8780 K [~ 8.7 MB ][/list]

    for a grand total of : 101,932 K [~102 MB ]

    In my case, I don't think it's that bad since my PC has 2 GB of RAM and, right now it's using just 592 MB which means I still have 1.4 GB free.

    However, my advise to you would be that you contact ZoneLabs Technical Support and let them know about your problems.

    Hope this helps.



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    bimbobo Guest

    Default Re: ZASS 7.0.408 memory usage and more..... my opinion, contacting support will not help.
    I reported the same issue while ago..and also in ZASS previouss version memory usage was huge.
    I think I'll wait for the new realese, to see if it's better, otherwise I will go back to ZAP7 and Antivir combination, which is
    50% of the memory used now.I do not use antispam and IM, so my client should be lighter.

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