I'm on XP SP2-- I have two different gateways for tcp/ip. The "default" gateway which is a direct connection to the internet, and a second gateway which is through a PPTP VPN. Since I have two different connections to the internet, my computer has to decide which gateway to use to send/receive traffic.

What I want is to map some ports to the direct connect gateway, but other ports to the VPN. So, for example, at work we have sitelicenses to various reference sites-- to access some websites, I have to go through the VPN. So, port 80 should go through the VPN.

On the other hand, the VPN has high latency-- so when I want do something that requires low latency, it needs to go through the direct connection. So, if I want to play World of Warcraft, I want port 3724 traffic to go through the direct connect.

Does anyone have any idea how I could do this? Does Zone Alarm Pro allow me to do this? Is there some other software that would allow routing-by-ports? I can't for the life of me figure out how to do this under xp.

At the very least, could I use ZAP to block some ports from going out over the direct connect, so that I don't have to worry about private data being sent over the unsecured connection? I've played around with the expert firewall rules, but haven't hit on a solution yet.

Operating System:
Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:
ZoneAlarm Pro

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