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    zonality Guest

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    Couild someome please tell me how to configure ZA with Telnet as suggested that I do by my ISP. Problem is just very recently I have been unable to send attachments via my email client, Foxmail, and have no idea how to carry out the configuration. My ISP thinks ZA is blocking Port 25; your help is required urgently, thx.

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    watcher Guest

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    Dear zonality:

    Telnet uses port 23, SMTP is port 25. If disabled, you couldn't send any email outbound from your computer, not just attachments. If your ISP rep told you otherwise, call and get another rep that knows the difference. I would check the information your ISP gave you re the addresses for their POP3 and SMTP servers to be sure it is configured correctly in your email client. Have the rep walk you through the configuration screens for your email client. Make sure they support the use of Foxmail. Some ISPs only allow like Outlook Express and don't work well with others.

    Hope this helps.


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    zonality Guest

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    Watcher, thanks for your reply: point is I've been using Foxmail for quite a while now without any problems with sending attachments. This only
    came about
    recently for no apparent reason. I shall keep you posted on any success or otherwise.

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    zonality Guest

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    Watcher, so far appears to be smooth sailing:8}

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