As the Title says, I have trouble when using the internet. This has not happened before ZA so I think it is the cause of the problem.
1. After awhile I cannot connect to any internet search engines and sites such as Google, Yahoo, and AdventureQuest.
This only happens at night. Ropughly (Philippines time 6pm >>>USA EST 6AM) But rebooting my comp solves it. But it is a hassle.
2. BitTorrent and UTorrent stopped downloading my torrents. The tracker status is always "Offline/Timed Out". This only happened after installing ZA. Regular downloads have no problems, it's just the torrents.

Specs: Windows XP SP2
Intel Pentium D
DSL Connection, ProviderCTECH

Note: My Static IP is different to the IP my comp uses for the internet because of the hardware IP.
Using ZASS 7.0.377.000, UTorrent 1.7.5, BitTorrent 6.0 Beta

Please help...