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Thread: ZASS Blocking Router Webpages

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    danhinz Guest

    Default ZASS Blocking Router Webpages

    ZASS 7.0.337.000 Same for True Vector & Drivers

    When I go to any page of my Linksys WRT54G router ZA blocks most of the page links/ menu tabs.

    If I disable Cookie Control AND Ad Blocking the pages display properly.
    I attempted to configure site specific rules by entering the IP ( into the Privacy Site List
    but that doesn't work...

    Any suggestions??

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: ZASS Blocking Router Webpages

    Please, add to the Zone list on the firewall tab.
    There's a button on that page to Add. Click it, select IP address, type the router IP, set it to be trusted.Also, do allow IE to have server rights, but only in the trusted zone. That's done on the Program control list.
    You do not need to add it to the Privacy list, but it does no harm. I never did, and all menu items from the router display properly.

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