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    At some other forum, someone suggested ZA as an alternative for iptables. Because MS comes with lots of shortcomings on this aria, something like iptables seems to be very hard to program on a MS platform.
    Now I've installed Zone Alarm Basic, but it seems to me a bit to much on the user level and has to much options, I don't want.
    Just want to open, or block ports and ip addresses. Don't want to get alerts and other features.
    Does Checkpoint provide an alternative that does basically the same as iptables?

    For now Zone Alert did do a fine job.



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    If all you want is the basic port and remote IP controls and no application control, then try something like Softperfect.
    It is designed for a router or gateway, but will run on a windows desktop just fine. The Windows Firewall can be used along side this firewall, for the extra logging of connections and stealth/firewalling (if needed). This is fits your description.
    Just be sure to include the correct DHCP IP (and ports used) and the correct DNS IP (and ports used) and the other protocols/ports are almost self evident.

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