I have ZA Pro and Avira's Antivir PE Premium installed. My browsers take at least 10-15 seconds to open, and I think it's Avira and ZA Pro "talking" to each other. Avira's guard is scanning the browser exe files and something must be going on between ZA Pro's exe files and Avira, too.

For the Avira programs in the ZA privacy menu, what should the settings be for trust level, access, and server (both trusted and internet for the last two)?

Is there any reason that ZA Pro still won't recognize Avira in the anti-virus monitoring menu?

Finally, some recommend turning off e-mail protection because of Avira's mail guard. However, I sort of like that ZA renames many file attachments. This gives Avira the ability to scan them more thoroughly, if I choose to open the renamed attachments. How much does it slow down matters for both e-mail security programs to be operating simultaneously?