I have several computers for which I have entered the names and IP addresses in the Firewall Zones tab (to make them trusted or non-trusted). From time to time, the first entry (by alphabetical order in the Name column) disappear, then the second one and so on ...
It looks as if the configuration file gets purged from its fist line in the subsection "ip address" in the "zones" section (see example hereunder for the first computer in the list which I named a for this example).

When a computer has disappeared from the list, it is considered as non-trusted and I cannot connect to it anymore unless I reenter manually is IP address in the list. If i give it a name that would put it on the bottom of the list (such as "z", then it stays there for ever, but the computer which is now on top of the list will disappear soon ...

Any clue as how to avoid this ?


ipaddr address="130.104.xxx.yyy" status="on" description="a"..

Note: I have removed the signs "less than" and "greater than" since otherwise this part of the message would have been interpreted as an HTML code...

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