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Thread: IGMP And TV Subscriptions

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    I have been expiramenting with using VLC to subscribe to TV feeds on a TV-over-DSL network connection offered by my ISP. It uses multicast to deliver the content to the subscriber, usually a set-top box. For some reason, whenever I have Zone Alarm Pro loaded, even if I set the firewall to off, it appears the IGMP command packets are not getting through. As soon as I turn off ZA, the subscription packets get through and the stream comes in. If I turn ZA back on after I have the subscription started, the multicast UDP packets continue to make it through. I can't figure out how to configure ZA to allow these incoming and outgoing IGMP packets. I've tried setting up a firewall rule telling it to allow Any IGMP protocol, and I've tried created a trusted zone entry with the multicast address range. The odd part is that even when I use the slider to turn off the firewall, the IGMP packets are not getting through.
    Any ideas?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    Not too sure, but maybe:

    1)Click on the Firewall panel.
    2) Click on the Main tab.
    3) Click on the Advanced button.
    4). Under the General Settings, check the "Allow uncommon protocols at high security

    Maybe try the Internet Security slider and the Trusted Security slider at lower levels or

    Go to Firewall -> Main -> Internet Zone Security.
    Click on the Custom button.
    Under the "High Security for Internet Zone" heading, scroll down to where the following settings are listed and check:
    allow incoming IGMP
    allow outgoing IGMP
    [I assume they do mean the Internet Group Management Protocol]

    Make sure the "Log" in the Alert events has a check for the "Blocked packets for recent connections". Try and it may still not work. BUT then open the ZA Log and see what was bllocked. The log showing the blocked content will be helpful in further changes.

    Also are there any specific servers involved? These sites could be entered as Trusted in the Zones of the Firewall of the ZA. Also I assume the DNS and the DHCP server IP's are already entered as Trusted in the Zones.
    The Privacy of the Zone Alarm should be disabled, just in case it is doing some filtering in the background and making issues.
    I assume also the application has been given access and server rights for both Trusted and Internet?
    If there are any specific ports required to be opened, then I assume these have been entered under the IGMP settings in the Custom of the specific Zones.

    Best regards.

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