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Thread: I cannot access my ATT home page or read my mail

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    Default I cannot access my ATT home page or read my mail

    My internet provider is AT&T Yahoo; the home page is My "mail" home page starts with My problem is that both the Internet Explorer and the Yahoo Browser invariably go to a "non-responding" state whenever
    I 1) attempt to access my home page or 2) attempt to open any letter in either my
    e-mail Inbox or any other e-mail folder.
    (I am able to access my e-mail home page and perform certain operations like moving an e-mail to a new folder, deleting an e-mail or emptying my BuIk Mail
    folder) With rare exception, I don't experience this problem with other internet web sites that I
    visit. I "worked around" the home page problem by making Google News my home page, but I am baffled as to how to access e-mail letters on my home computer. I don't have this problem at work where I don't have Zone Alarm installed so I strongly suspect that Zone Alarm is somehow the cause.
    Here is my Zone Alarm installation info:Zone Alarm Security Suite version 7.0.408.000True Vector Security version 7.0.408.000engine version 7.0.408.000Program Control: MaxSmart Defense: AutoAutolock: offant-virus & anti-spywware: One-mail protection: (all on)privacy: (all off)identity protection: offIM security: mediumPartental control: offAlerts & Logs: alert events: off; event logging: on, program logging: high
    you - as I mentioned above I can read my e-mail at my work location.
    Michel SchneiderBerkeley CA

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    Default Re: I cannot access my ATT home page or read my mail

    I would normally say it is the privacy, but I see it is off.
    The parental controls does occasionally interfere, but I see it is off.
    So lets look at it in a different view.

    Often if something is going wrong, then setting the Alerts to high does help to enable what is blocked or happening.

    Sometimes the DNS and DHCP server's IPs need to be added as Trusted in the Zones of the Firewall. Not getting a correct connection with the router or the domain name host can be a problem.

    The OSFirewall has settings to control the default home page and the installation of activeX and startups programs. Changing these to Ask can solve some issues.

    The browser themselves need not only the trusted and internet zone accesses, but also the trusted zone server rights.
    Sometimes setting the Program Control slider lower to learning helps to get the ZA trained.

    Occasionally, other security applications that do some form of firewalling such as cookie blocking, site blocking, ad blocking, email checking, IE protection, web site content filtering, etc can be the issue.

    Best regards.

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