My internet provider is AT&T Yahoo; the home page is My "mail" home page starts with My problem is that both the Internet Explorer and the Yahoo Browser invariably go to a "non-responding" state whenever
I 1) attempt to access my home page or 2) attempt to open any letter in either my
e-mail Inbox or any other e-mail folder.
(I am able to access my e-mail home page and perform certain operations like moving an e-mail to a new folder, deleting an e-mail or emptying my BuIk Mail
folder) With rare exception, I don't experience this problem with other internet web sites that I
visit. I "worked around" the home page problem by making Google News my home page, but I am baffled as to how to access e-mail letters on my home computer. I don't have this problem at work where I don't have Zone Alarm installed so I strongly suspect that Zone Alarm is somehow the cause.
Here is my Zone Alarm installation info:Zone Alarm Security Suite version 7.0.408.000True Vector Security version 7.0.408.000engine version 7.0.408.000Program Control: MaxSmart Defense: AutoAutolock: offant-virus & anti-spywware: One-mail protection: (all on)privacy: (all off)identity protection: offIM security: mediumPartental control: offAlerts & Logs: alert events: off; event logging: on, program logging: high
you - as I mentioned above I can read my e-mail at my work location.
Michel SchneiderBerkeley CA