I am having a problem with a couple of programs that are apparently conflicting with ZASS settings in some way. I'm not sure at this point if the problem is ZASS or the programs themselves. I have tried to check settings for a few of the exe files used by these programs and have unblocked all restrictions on the files I can find. The 2 main programs that are giving me the problems are Stedman's Electronic Medical Dictionary 7.0 and Quick Look Electronic Drug Reference 2007. Another program that automatically runs with them is the Ready Reference Library. The file that comes up on the ZASS accept/deny warning is LWWLicenseService.exe. What happens is whenever I have either of these 2 main programs open and THEN open another totally unrelated program, ZASS puts up an accept/deny warning for the LWWLicenseService.exe file and immediately locks at least ZASS and whatever the other program happens to be and sometimes locks my entire system so that I have to totally reboot the system to keep working. Also, if I have a program that I opened BEFORE opening the 2 Stedman's programs and I make changes that I then try to save, this usually locks the system also requiring a reboot.The only program that this doesn't seem to affect (THANKFULLY) is Word 2000. I am usually able to save my work in Word before the system crashes/locks.
As I said, I have unrestricted access to all parts of these programs that I'm aware of and can find in ZASS program control.
However, there are a couple exe files that ZASS will NOT allow me to add to program control AND are not in the components section either. These files are LWWLicenseService.exe which is the one that ZASS requests permission for, and semd32.exe which is the executable file to run the medical dictionary. I have tried several times to add these to the program control using the Add button on that tab, and they are never added. I think if I could get them to add and then set allow permissions on them, the conflict would go away. These are safe programs used by MANY medical transcriptionists and are extremely important to my work. I can sometimes avoid the conflict IF I remember to shut these down BEFORE I open anything else or even try to save/change anything in what's already open. The problems with that are 1) remembering to do when I'm too busy trying to find information AND the fact that LWWLicenseService.exe does NOT disappear from the process list in Task Manager when closing these programs. It has to be stopped manually.
Another issue is that LWWLicenseService.exe apparently generates another file called LWWLicenseCleanup.0001. This file is generated multiple times while these 2 main programs are open, and I have had as many as 10-20 instances of it in the process list at the same time. It also does not always disappear from the process list when the programs are closed.
These conflicts are really causing a lot of difficulties in my work. Yesterday, I lost almost an entire day because the combination of these things somehow killed my entire computer sound (Using Soundblaster Audigy 4 card), and I spent most of the day getting it back and the Creative apps running properly. I am afraid I may have to stop using ZASS if these can't be resolved, and I really don't want to do that.
Does anyone have any suggestions or information on why ZASS will not add these executable files and/or how I can prevent these conflicts? I have
notified tech service at Stedman's and they are looking into the issue as well, but since it definitely seems to be ZASS related (it does not happen unless ZASS is running), I decided to post here.
PS I put Windows version 7.0 in the dropdown, but I'm not sure that's what I have. I am running XP Pro SP 2 with all current updates installed.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite