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Thread: GHIN site partially blocked by ZASS7

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    rbrtbllr Guest

    Default GHIN site partially blocked by ZASS7

    XP sp2 I.E.6I play golf & post my score on the GHIN site. Until I had to reload Windows (hd crash) everything worked fine.Since reld'g windows GHIN opens with several "areas" blocked.ZA is at fault as I stopped ZASS& (shudder,shudder) & GHIN opened with "Post on Line" present (1 of the areas ZA blocked.I ran a "popup blocker detector" and it says I have NO popup blockers active.
    I have added the GHIN site to my Trusted Zone via - I.E. - Tools - Internet options - Security Tab - Trusted Zone - Site - (Added) & added other variations of this URL also to no avail.
    The GHIN Faq provides the methodology
    described above.
    What haven't I done to make this work?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: GHIN site partially blocked by ZASS7

    ZA Suite does have pop-up blockers and ad blockers
    in the "Privacy Protection" section. Please right click your ZA tray icon on bottom > see "Help" = this is your User Guide. Check out and read thoroughly
    chapter on Privacy Protection to get a better feel of what needs to be adjusted here.<hr>From Guru Hoov's website -
    .<hr><div align="center">Privacy Settings

    Here is the front page of the privacy settings

    You can change some of the privacy settings just by clicking on one of the x's or one of the checkmark
    Then selecting either allow or block.

    Or you can right click on the site, and select options. Or click on the site and click the options button in the lower right corner.

    and then you get

    And on this page you can change the options to have to do with Cookies.
    Then if you click on the Ad Blocking tab you get this page

    Where you can make adjustments to the add blocking capabilities.
    Now click on the Mobile Code Control and you get

    Where you can change what kinds of scripts you want to block.
    And by adjusting the settings in this fashion, you are customizing the settings on a per site basis.

    But by far the best way of figuring out what you need to customize on what site is to turn the privacy advisor on.
    You do this in the cookie control settings page
    And to get there you go to the privacy section in ZoneAlarm and click the custom button in the cookie section

    Its at the bottom of the page.
    Once you check that and surf to a site you get this kind of popup

    And what you need to do is remember what it is telling you is being blocked,
    then you click where it says to and it will take you to the site that needs customizing, as well as highlighting it.

    Go ahead and make whatever changes you want. Then this Icon will appear in the Edited column.

    This happens no matter how you customize the settings on the site.

    Something else you need to know about the Site list is that there are a few ways to reset it.
    1. Reboot windows
    2. Turn ZoneAlarm off and then back on
    3. Turn the privacy settings off and then back on
    4. Crash your system (not suggested)
    Also on occasion the list will be reset totally after a crash, or other event that causes the settings database to be reset.
    If you decide that one of the sites on the list needs to go away, right click on it and select remove

    <hr>Other suggestions - 01.) Close all Internet browsers
    02.) Open Zone Alarm
    03.) Click the Privacy Panel, Main Tab, and turn all items to off.
    04.) Open your browser and make sure the site is working as expected.
    05.) Close your browsers.
    06.) Turn your privacy settings back to the settings you would like them,
    and then click the Site List Tab.
    07.) Open your browser to the web site that was not working and watch the
    Site List Tab in Zone Alarm.
    08.) Zone Alarm will add the sites that it has blocked items from to this list
    as it blocks things. Change the red X?s to green check marks for the site
    that you wish to allow to bypass your Zone Alarm privacy settings by
    clicking the X?s and choosing allow.

    Now click on the sites added one at a time and click the Options Button in
    the lower right, Ad Blocking Tab, remove the top 3 checks for ads, and click
    OK. Some sites will link into other sites to work correctly and these sites
    should pop into the Site List as you browse the page and may need access
    as well. Some sites no matter what you do will need privacy disabled such
    as sites that link into Java sources. If you add all green checks to the sites
    that popped into the Site List window from viewing your page and you still
    cannot access the page properly you will need to temporarily disable your
    privacy settings while viewing the page and enabled it again if you wish
    when you are finished.<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 11-1-07 - It Don't Come Easy - Ringo Starr

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