Hello everyone.
I am running a server (Sambar Server) on a new Vista machine. For some reason, nobody can access my server. They never even get to the login message box.
I previously ran the server on XP with Zone Alarm installed with no problems. However, I now have Windows Vista and purchased the latest Zone Alarm to run on the system.
Here's the story.......
When Zone Alarm is shut down, people can access my server with no problem (It listens on port 80). When Zone Alarm is running, they cannot access it at all. As such, I know it has something to do with Zone Alarm's settings.
In the program control area, I have given Sambar Server full
server access (Green checkmarks all the way across.)It's almost as if when someone tries to connect to the server, Zone Alarm doesn't even let the request reach the server.
Kind of like it is not letting requests to port 80 get through to it.
Am I supposed to somehow open up Port 80 to Sambar server through Zone Alarm. Or is there other settings (other than program control green checkmarks) that I'm supposed to set?Any help would be very much appreciated.

Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite