Almost brand new Dell laptop running Vista Business and brand new HP C7280 all-in-one printer. I've been on the phone for at least 6 hours with HP tech support trying to install and then get the printer to work.

We finally zeroed in on Zone Alarm (free version). Turning it off doesn't help. But when I un-installed it I got the printer to work.

I re-installed Zone Alarm and now the printer does not work any more.

How can I configure Zone Alarm so that I can use it and the printer at the same time? I tried adding programs that HP suggested to the allow list, but that didn't help either. The only thing that seemed to work was un-installing Zone Alarm.

And who has an idea how I'm going to pay my cell phone bill??? I'm glad they aren't charging me long distance to India!



Operating System:Windows Vista Business
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)