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Thread: allow site with wildcards (*

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    diegok Guest

    Default allow site with wildcards (*

    hi there,
    i use ZA 6.5 and want to allow a site with all subdomains (,, ...). I thought the easiest way is to use wildcards: *
    But it dont works. I there a way with wildcards to achieve this goal? (i dont want to use the privacy-options)

    thanks for help

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    diegok Guest

    Default Re: allow site with wildcards (*

    Nobody, who knows the answer? Just YES or NO.

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    brucefraser Guest

    Default Re: allow site with wildcards (*

    No, I don't know either. But I'd like to:
    Specifically, I'd like to use a wildcard to BLOCK all instances of URLs which certain characters.
    Bruce Fraser

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