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Thread: Firewall and new DSL connection

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    momatx Guest

    Default Firewall and new DSL connection

    Using ZA Security Suite on Windows XP, SP2 version and previously had a fixed wireless ISP and everything worked fine.I recently got AT&T DSL and am using the 2Wire router that they made me purchase. Upon installation I found that the router had a firewall, so I disabled it -- I know you are not supposed to have 2 firewalls running at once. From the very first I started having intermittent, very brief outages on my internet connection. I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure it out - contacted AT&T who said that my line looked fine. Eventually I tried re-enabling the 2Wire firewall and disabling the ZA firewall - and everything now works like a charm. In looking at the system event logs, there were constant DHCP warnings and errors when I had the ZA firewall enabled. I had the dsl network listed in the trusted zone which on the previous network was enough. I did some searching around here and decided I need to have specific IP addresses listed in the trusted zone, so did that, but still have the intermittment problem when I try to use the ZA firewall. In defeat, I have disabled it and gone back to the 2Wire firewall. Can anyone give me some direction on where I went wrong? I would prefer to use the ZA firewall if at all possible. Thanks much.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    razzel Guest

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    It's ok to run two firewalls, one hardware firewall and one software ditto (I do it). It's not ok to run two software firewalls on the same machine.

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    momatx Guest

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    Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post, but I guess I didn't make my problem clear -- my issue is that whenever I enable the ZA firewall, I get constant DHCP errors and warnings and continual disconnects from the internet. This happens both when the 2Wire firewall is enabled and when it is disabled -- so the 2Wire firewall doesn't seem to have anything to do with it. I didn't have this problem with my previous ISP - just since I got DSL. I have what I think is the correct entries into the trusted zone on the firewall settings. I have now disabled ZA's firewall and am just using the router one.
    Sorry for not being clearer about the issue.

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    jkshutt Guest

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    I just got dsl for the first time, ATT, and after having been a very pleased zonealarm user for many many years, i am also disappointed that i have to run my pc without za. I also have the 2wire wireless router.
    the internet page simply comes back page can not be displayed - period. i have not tried all the things momatx did - it has just occured for me. thanks for the tip tho. i wont bother. While the 2wire firewall might have a sufficient firewall, i cant see what's happening. i liked
    za better, always felt more in control. so far, i dont like the way ATT/dsl runs their business. my pc fried, configsys, upon loading their backup cd. they say it's my pc. not. it worked up until the moment. five days of hassle to get the service
    nearly three hours of phone time, a fried pc, and now no za. yeah. not a good experience.

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