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Thread: Help Needed with Bluetooth access...????

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    tokashigazu Guest

    Default Help Needed with Bluetooth access...????

    I'm a newbie to problems with ZA..i have used it for years, all ok but since building this computer i haven't been able to get my bluetooth file transfer with my sony ericsson k800i up and running like it used to.previously i set up my bluetooth devices and allowed the pc and phone access to each other.
    that meant that when i needed to transfer data [usually photos of my daughter] from my phone to my pc, i just used the 'send' function on the phone and it connected and sent it/them.
    my phone used to show a list of services that it could use with the pc.since my rebuild i can only get the pc to accept a file by going through the 'receive file' option on the bluetooth devices icon in the system tray. it will then connect and allow that file to transfer.
    but i have to do this every time.
    when i check my phone for the services it says that there are no services it can use.
    this is becoming very tiresome now and i can't fathom out how to get it working as it was.
    any help would be appreciated.
    i am running xp sp2.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    tokashigazu Guest

    Default Re: Help Needed with Bluetooth access...????

    Sorry to bother everyone but i turned off ZA and tried again and it still wont allow the transfer.
    i now think this is a windows/driver problem.
    thanks for anyone who had a look at this anyway.
    is there anyone who would know a forum or area where i could get an answer for this...i have checked the microsoft website but cant find any info.
    thanks again

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